Museums are great weekend family activities, but be careful with coronavirus, which is still affecting public attractions.

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Museums are also a fun way for kids to learn, and many are free. Afterward, let the kids choose which exhibits to see first and explore at their own pace.

movie night

Family movie night is another great activity to do together. You can bring the whole family together and turn the house into a theme. You can turn it into a medieval castle or a hospital. You can even use arts and crafts to create decorations. Each room in the house can have a different experience.

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Another fun activity is making a song together. You don’t even have to write the music – you can use a nursery rhyme or another tune as inspiration. A great way to bond with your family is through shared experiences. It’s a great way to create memories together. Games are also a fun option for family weekend activities. Try a family game night, or a friendly competition – the winner gets to pick the dessert. 

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family fun

A family fun jar is a great way to kill time over the weekend. It can be made from objects you have around the house or purchased. 

Ideas for family fun jars

You can also use a fun jar for money as a tool to teach kids about saving. You can decorate it with labels or blank paper, and include a running total of how much you have saved so far. Alternatively, you can write down a goal for the family to reach together.
Board games can be a great way to spend time with your family. The classic family favorites can encourage pause and create memories for years to come. They are also great because they don't involve any technology and help you get your kids away from the screens.
A family game night can also help your children learn important lessons. For example, board games can help your child develop attention span, hand-eye coordination, and a sense of teamwork.


Children can also learn new facts through interactive games like Pictionary. Games like this teach kids about famous people, geography, and more. They are also great for developing communication skills and winning strategies. Moreover, family game nights are a great way to bond with each other.